• K. David Epley, MD

Why are we requiring masks?

It's simple: masks protect you and our staff.

Cloth masks and surgical masks may not stop the virus itself, but they dramatically reduce the spread of droplets on which the virus resides, and can prevent the virus from reaching you with a cough, sneeze, yell, or joyous singing.

Combined with social distancing and hand washing, masks can help keep all of us safer as we begin moving about again following the first wave of the pandemic, and can help prevent a second wave from affecting our communities.

At Children's Eye Care, nearly all of your time will be spent in an examination room. If it's necessary to have you wait in a waiting area, our seating is separated by more than 6 feet, and we'll keep your time there as limited a possible. When choosing glasses, we are limiting time to 15 minutes, and ask that you let our opticians handle the frames so we can keep track of which ones need to be cleaned between patient visits.

Each exam room, and all our desktop surfaces, eyeglasses frames, door handles, and more are cleaned in between each patient visit to minimize risk to you. To keep your visit as safe as possible, our play area and movie room remain closed, and we are not giving out tokens at this time. Toys and books in the rooms are minimal and are sprayed down between visits. Please plan to bring something for your children to do during their visit until we are able to return to a more child-friendly and fun atmosphere.

In the state of Washington, masks are required. Click on the image below for more information about this.

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