• K. David Epley, MD

Mask Update, Spring 2021

Updated: May 25

Recent CDC guidance opened up a number of options for those who are fully vaccinated with regard to indoor gathering, mask wearing both indoors and outdoors, and close personal contact. If you are not yet vaccinated, please consider getting vaccinated: it's safe, highly effective, and free. You can find a vaccination site here. The vaccine significantly reduces your chance of severe illness from COVID-19, it reduces the likelihood you'll pass the disease on to others (your children, friends, etc.), and it helps our society at large recover and return to some sense of normalcy. At Children's Eye Care, we are following CDC recommendations, but also those of the American Academy of Ophthalmology with regard to mask use.

The new guidance doesn't apply to healthcare settings, including your visit to Children's Eye Care. Most of our patients are not vaccinated, even if their parents are. Most are back in school part or full time. Many of our patients cannot mask for developmental or health reasons. These things each increase the risk of catching and spreading the disease. For these reasons, we continue to require masks on everyone who is able, for the safety of all our patients, their parents and caregivers, and our staff. Once the vaccine is approved for younger children, we anticipate being able to lessen this requirement, following guidance from the CDC and local Health Departments. We can't wait for the day the play area and movie room are open again, and your child can get their token and prize at the end of the visit!

If you are vaccine hesitant, for whatever reason, we encourage you to read these apolitical, fact-based articles:

Children's Eye Care is thankful to all our families for their perseverance during this trying time and for doing their best to prevent spread of the disease. Please message us if you have questions or would like more information!

K. David Epley, M.D.

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