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Covid Vaccine Update

Updated: Jan 6

A brief video about how the covid vaccines are made.

For more detailed information about how the vaccines are made, read this:

For more detailed information about how the vaccine works, read this:

We know many people are nervous about getting the vaccine. Here's why you should be immunized:

This website from the University of Michigan addresses common concerns about the vaccine:

What if I'm pregnant? Should I get the vaccine? More guidance can be found here:

When can I expect to be able to get the vaccine?

Currently, the Washington State Department of Health is working on getting workers in Phase 1a immunized:

It's not clear yet when we will move on, but we are well into Tier 1 and hoping to move into Tier 2 soon. Phase 1b includes those 75 years old or older and frontline essential workers. Phase 1c includes those 65-74, those 16-74 with health conditions, and all other essential workers. Phase 2 includes teachers, those at moderate risk, the homeless, those in prisons, and other working adults. Phase 3 is young adults and children.

The bottom line is, be patient! Continue to mask, wash hands, and socially distance yourself. Keep your gatherings very small.

How do I tell which news articles are factual, and which are false? Watch this brief video to learn how to tell fact from fiction!

At Children's Eye Care, we continue to require masks for all visitors age 3 and above. We continue to socially distance each family, and we clean all high-touch surfaces between each visit. Read our November blog update for more details!

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