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The I-405 carpool lane is now called an "Express Lane." It's blocked off by double white lines, which are illegal to cross. There are several spots where you can enter and exit the express lanes between I-90 and our exit at 128th Street.

The Express lanes are still free to carpools, but you must have a Flex-Pass to tell the system you qualify as a carpool. Also, some hours of the day, a carpool requires 3 or more people. 

To take the Express lanes from I-5, I-90, or Highways 520 or 522, exit onto I-405 as you would normally. Navigate to the left hand lane adjacent to the Express lane, and wait for the enter/exit merge lane to appear. Merge into the Express lane and follow it to the 128th Street exit for Children's Eye Care. More on how to use the lanes can be found here.

You can still take the Express lanes if you don't qualify for the carpool rules, but you'll have to pay: if you have the Flex-Pass, you can switch it to "toll" and it will charge your GoodToGo account the amount present on all the freeway signs for each segment: you will see up to three toll rates on a sign; the price you pay is the price for each destination. The rules are here. If you don't have a Flex-Pass, you will receive a Pay By Mail bill with an additional $2 per toll.